Creation of "Kune", for choir, soloists and symphony orchestra in Lviv (Ukraine)

- Lviv Chamber Choir “Gloria”

- Lviv National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

- Serhii Khorovets, conductor


French musician, composer and arranger with multiple facets, Arnaud FILLION-ROBIN "Arnito" is based in Annecy. His style combines various influences and techniques derived from flamenco, jazz, classical and folk.

In addition to the numerous concerts and his work in the studio (21 albums), Arnito offers various creation and educational projects to transmit his vision of music and promote cultural and human exchanges. His catalog includes more than 200 compositions, for ensembles ranging from symphonic orchestra to solo guitar. He regularly performs concerts with different groups and musicians. His guitar concerto won first french place and was a finalist in the Maurice Ravel Composition Competition (Italy, 2018). It has since been recorded by Johan Smith and the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. "Kune", a work for multilingual choir, soloists and symphony orchestras, was recently premiered by the Lviv National Symphony Orchestra and the Lviv Chamber Choir "Gloria".


"This music sometimes resolves where we do not expect it, this surprising melody, this guitar sometimes meditative, sometimes fiery, these rhythms coming from the Earth, this mastered virtuosity, make Arnito's album truly add something special to today's music scene, and the seasoning is delicious."


"At any rate Arnito seems to have an unending supply of music within the banks of his mind. For you the journey is just getting started. "  The even ground


"A sustained composition, a sublime setting for a majestic classical guitar, blending film music and classical influences, Arnaud Fillion demonstrates a true talent for orchestration and a strong taste for melody and lyricism." La musique dans la plume


"Arnito really pulls off some fabulous sounds and I applaud him for it" No more division